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Recent Facebook,Twitter,Google and Dr Oogle Reviews  Posted by Our Patients at Clear Lake Oral Surgery

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Simone Rochelle
All hands down my experience here was the best. I’ve medical procedures done, but for some reason when anything dealing with my mouth comes up I freak out completely. Without expressing my fears the assistants and Dr. Z made me feel so comfortable, answering any questions, eliminating any concerns, being gentle and making sure all needs were met. I got my wisdom tooth pulled, he drained an abscess and pulled another tooth. You’d think I’d be in excruciating pain. NEGATIVE. I just got it done yesterday, I’ve been following every detailed direction and today I’m great. On top of everything else. Dr Z called to check on me not one time but twice. That on top of everything else made the experience incredible. You can tell he truly cares about his patients. I will recommend this office to everyone I know. Thank you so much Dr. Z and everyone who helped at Clearlake Oral Surgery

Randall Tarbell Jr.
I went to Clear Lake Oral Surgery to have an abscessed tooth removed that had gotten infected. My dentist said it had to be removed and like most people I was worried about what all that would take. I went over to Clear Lake Oral Surgery to see Dr. Zakhireh and his wonderful staff. They treat you like family over there and walk you through the entire process step by step. They carefully showed me all my options and what needed to be done to take care of my infected molar. Dr. Zakhireh and his staff take all kinds of precautions to put you at ease and the office was very clean. They took every precaution to protect people from Covid-19. The staff genuinely care about your well being, and they feel like family. They even will adjust the air temperature for you if you are to hot or too cold. They answered all my questions completely and thoroughly, and made sure I was confident with my decision to proceed and get my tooth taken care of. The day of my surgical procedure I got to take a picture with Dr. Zakhireh and some of his staff. If you have ever been to his office he has worked on a lot of people over the years and has pictures of their smiling faces on the walls. It just makes you more confident you are in good hands. The procedure went smoothly and the staff helped me to my car after the procedure. My wife drove me home but after I got home both the staff and Dr. Zakhireh called throughout the day to check on me to make sure I was recovering properly. Dr. Zakhireh even called the next day to let me know what he found during the surgery and to make sure I was taking my medicine so that I would recover. I am on day 2 of my recovery from surgery and I am very thankful and blessed that Dr. Zakhireh took so good care of me and I highly recommend him to everyone if you have a tooth that needs to be removed. His staff are so caring and go the extra mile to take care of you as an individual. I was told if I needed anything at all I could just call and they would get right on it. So if your dentist says you need a tooth removed don’t be scared just give Dr. Zakhireh and his warm caring staff a call. You will be in good hands.

John McCrary
Clear Lake Oral Surgery made the process of having my wisdom teeth removed a positive one. They were able to schedule me on a short notice which I am very grateful for because I’m a teacher and days off are few and far between during the school year. Very appreciative of the entire staff at Clear Lake Oral Surgery.

Klarisa Madrigal
I came here for my very first surgery in my 23 year old life to get ALL of my wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Zakhireh And his team not only did a fast and amazing job on my operation, They also made sure I felt comfortable and safe. All of the staff members are very friendly and the building is spic and span! I recommend Dr. Zakhireh to anyone who needs an oral operation done.

Nita Patel
Dr. Zakhireh was highly recommended by my dentist. I have had couple of surgeries done by Dr. Z during the pandemic. My experience with the major implant procedure went very well and I had a smooth recovery. The doctor and the staff are very friendly and I would recommend Dr. Zakhireh to my family and friends. Thank you!

Patricia Mifflin
I am 57 and Dr Z did an implant for me. As always there is some anxiety when getting dental procedures done. He and his staff took extremely good care of me. My husband has cancer so I also had to be extremely careful with covid as he is high risk. Everyone in his office did everything perfectly and covid was not a problem. I did not have any bleeding, I did not need any prescription pain medicine, and all is healing very well. Dr. Z does a great job and does it very well. He even called to check on me after the procedure. Thank you Dr Z and your entire staff.

Cynthia Pina
Dr Z. is great so nice and even called personally to check on my kids after their procedure! He and his staff were so attentive to our family. My kids both had their wisdom teeth removed on the same day back to back. They made sure we were all well taken care of and went above and beyond for my kids to feel comfortable. I definitely recommend them!

Cindy Clarke
Dr. Zakhireh and his staff are very welcoming from the initial consultation to the follow up appointment. They office staff make you feel like their family. I had 3 implants, a bone graft and sinus augmentation done. The surgical staff were great, I had a pretty easy recovery and minimal discomfort. I would definitely recommend Clear Lake Oral Surgery. I had an excellent experience!

Melissa McFarland
I completely recommend in having any needed oral surgery needed to be done, to be done by him. Before the surgery, I was made to feel completely comfortable and safe that I was going to be and now was in the hands of what is, as was thought to be a well trained professional dental surgeon. After undergoing quite a bit of surgery that had to be done on my top and bottom jaw. I’m doing very well. I didn’t have much bone left in my jawline, to attach any artificial implants to because of a physical attack sadly done to me by “a friend” resulting in having my face being a bit smashed two years ago and Dr. Zakhireh inserted anchors and there hasn’t been any incidents concerning them at all. It has been three weeks since my surgery to extract the eleven teeth that were no longer connected to anything but my gums (acknowledging the amount of work done) and have the anchors inserted into my gumline where needed, to be able to attach implants to, when healed enough to get them and I have no complaints. The office is very well maintained and well paced. After the surgery, I was supplied with what I feel has been the proper instructions for home care after such surgery because again, everything is going very well. I was provided with the medicinal mouthwash needed to help with the initial recovery and the proper orajel needed to help to relieve any pain after such surgery and have not experienced much pain at all thankfully. My physical outcome after every bit of the work that has been done so far and my experience in the office has been extremely excellent. I send out a big Thank you to Dr. Z and his team for such amazing work!

Emma Cain
To start off- Dr. Z has taken care of my older sisters’ and their oral surgeries in the past and the adored him. I was needing my wisdom teeth extracted and without questioning him, my mom scheduled an appointment for the consultation and procedure. I was hesitant as I had not personally met him, however I had full faith in my sisters’ and mother’s opinion. In little words, Dr. Z is the most honest and compassionate oral surgeon I have ever met. He and his office were always respectful and kind, and always treated me as a priority. My procedure was not the easiest as I had to have 4 bone graphs and suffer from TMJ, however my experience was above and beyond magnificent. I was unbelievably happy with the treatment I received from the staff overall was so please my for my procedure as well as my mother whom was my procedure baby sitter. Dr. Z is the kindest surgeon I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and he knows best for his patients. I would recommend Dr. Z for any oral surgery- whether youve been told you have a difficult situation or not!

QM Reynolds
Dr. Zakhireh and the entire team at Clear Lake Oral Surgery do a fantastic job medically and professionally to ensure the entire process is explained, painless, and well-cared. They were always willing to answer my questions and attributed a high level of investment in my operation and my recovery. I trust this team with my health, and they continue to reward that with honesty and high-quality care.